Boompoles & Accessories
QX 565/QX 5130 |  Quicklok  |  Top-tip/XLR Tip
Quickpole Light Series
QX 565 & QX 5130

The QX series has retained all the features that have made Ambient Quickpole booms so successful, adding features that will especially appeal to those working “on the road”. This boom series can easily be recognised by the characteristic staggered dimples on the screwlocks and the blue anodised collar. It is a “State of the Art“ piece of equipment, and, with other Ambient microphone support accessories such as Quicklok and Top Tip provides a comprehensive solution to sound engineers working in the field.

Key Features
• Very lightweight 1 mm custom made carbon fibre tube.
• Stainless steel tip with special hole for easy assembly of internal cabling.
• Internal soft felt bushings ensure rattle free operation and no seizing by dirt, humidity or cold temperatures.
• Once necessary collet and felt can easily be replaced on maintenance by the user at minimal cost to give an “as new” feel.
• Boom sizes have been selected for travelling needs. The QX 565 fits diagonally in a Pelican case while still extending up to 2.6 meter.
• New special bottom end allows coiled cable fixture to rotate when loosened allowing the internal spiral cable to relax and remove twisting without opening the boom.
• Special fixing clamp for plug-on transmitters.

Product No. Length Weight
QX 565 65-260 cm 460 g
QX 5130 130-560 cm 900 g
Quick release tip
The Ambient “QuickLok” quick release tip for microphone assemblies is the first snap connection noise-free enough to allow for professional boom action and similar applications. The body of the QuickLok mounts onto the 3/8” thread of a microphone boom or stand and is secured in place via a grub screw. The tip fits into the mike support and can be tightened securely using a screwdriver or similar through a cross hole. The ingenious mechanism with tapered design provides a rigid, absolutely rattle free joint and has a self locking and self locating action. This universal piece will find its place not only on location, but also in music recording studios for quick disassembly of rigs, microphones, antennas and more.


Multifunctional mic support tools

The TOP TIP is milled out of aircraft aluminium and is fully configurable by the user. The XLR Tip (QAT-Eco) is a simplified version which, due to its simplicity and low cost, can always remain with the mike assembly when used with the spigot QAT-AD.

Key Features
• Comfortable break point. Used together with QuickLok, (un)mounting a microphone/windshield combination becomes “a snap”.
• Compatible with any mike suspension or windshield.
• Greatly reduced handling noise compared to traditional setup due to very thin cable from XLR to mike.
• Mounting of plug-on transmitter at the boom tip. Rigid construction guarantees that the transmitter will not move around or knock against the boom.
• Configurable for mono or stereo microphones.
• Easy repairs or re-configuration using standard Neutrik connectors.