Based around a very accurate, temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCVCXO) Ambient's timecode system can be calibrated in the field to a reference deviation of less than .2ppm which corresponds to a drift of much less than 1 frame in over 24hrs between any given number of autonomously running units.

Products include; Tiny Lockit, ACL 204 Lockit, ACC 501 Controller, TC TRX Radio Links & ACD 301 RF Slate

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Key Features
• Robust design for long life
• Lightweight but rigid
• Low handling noise
• Easy action
• Add on accessories
• Customer maintenance and replacement of worn parts at minimal cost giving “good as new” service and extended life.

For their products Ambient has never relied on off-the-shelf items but use tubes manufactured to their own specification using expensive Hi Q modulus carbon fibres to match the particular requirements of the application. Due to a custom construction using cross windings their 3 layered heavy duty tube is very strong in compression mode, low-flex and prevents buckling at long extended lengths with excellent strength to weight ratio.

Boompoles include; QX 565 & QX 5130
Accessories: Quicklok & Top-tip/XLR Tip

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