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Tiny Lockit
Timecode Generator & Transceiver
Like all Ambient Clockit devices the Tiny Lockit provides a rock solid, highly accurate, temperature compensating time code generator.
Except for the sync signal output, it comprises the full functionality of its big brother, including ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) support, metadata transfer and logging. These network capabilities also allow the »Tiny Lockit« to be a fully functional, generator buffered time code transceiver. This provides the stability of an Ambient Clockit Generator with the flexibility of a wireless TC system but without the fear of dropouts.
In addition, it also offers most features of the ALL601, such as variable time code output level for recording TC on audio track and time code conversion between LTC / MTC. The second Lemo connector is used for TC or communications and can be configured as USB, RS232, or GP I/O.
As known from the ACL 204, the user interface is easy and intuitive to use.
Due to its smaller form factor the ACN-TL is especially suitable for applications on small cameras, but also on cameras or in setups where a sync signal is not required, it is a handy solution. Thanks to the machined, pearl blasted and anodized aluminum body the Tiny Lockit can easily withstand the roughest production conditions.
ACL 204 Lockit
ACN Lockit TC-Generator / Trilevel-Sync & Black Audio.

The ACL204 is the first in a new generation of Clockit products which will fully utilise the Ambient Clockit Network System. By listening to practical feedback from our customers we have added functions to make this the most sophisticated portable timecode syncbox we have ever built. Surpassing the already comprehensive facilities of its predecessor it not only covers all timecode rates and sync formats but it also allows the user to apply an offset to the TC output to allow for the processing delay created in some HD cameras. 3D camera rigs can be made lighter and neater by utilising the 2nd TC output, and the sync OP which can be switched to drive a dual load. The integrated transceiver and the 2nd Lemo socket can be used to interface with the Clockit Network System.

To accommodate for all this the hardware has been completely revised into a flexible, fully programmable FPGA architecture. A front loaded OLED display will give instant visual feedback about the current configuration and assist while moving through the menu to make adjustments. This is now done on the fly with an easy to operate one-finger navigation system - no more need for screwdrivers or powercycling the unit. An intelligent algorithm will prevent configuration of improper, mismatched TC and Sync rates or unintended alterations to the setup. Still being a simplistic TC and Sync box at the core driven by 2 AA cells in the familiar rugged footprint the ACl204 can be considered the pinnacle of portable synchronization.
720P 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 59.94, 50, 60
1080i / PsF 23.98, 24, 25(50i), 29.97(59.94i), 30(60i)
1080P 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 59.94, 60
PAL 25 Fps
NTSC 29.97, 30 Fps
Word Clock 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 KHz, pull-up / pull-down
Black Audio AES3 24 Bit, sample rates as above
Controller for Clockit System

A whole set of features as time code, wordclock, MIDI TC and GPS capability makes the ACC501 rather a time code swiss army knife than just a masterclock. An extensive keypad and a graphical LCD with command and menu bars ensure an intuitive but comprehensive user interface. Using a reprogrammable MPU the controller features a future-proof design with growing capabilities. Firmware revisions are obtainable through the download section at Ambient's webpage and can easily be performed by the user.
Key Features
• Time code masterclock with LTC and ASCII time code, send, receive and check TC diversion, tune other Clockit units.
• USB interface for data download, programming, MIDI time code and serial Sony-P2 transmission.
• Low jitter word clock generator with all clocks up to 192 KHz incl. pull up/down.
• Interface for GPIO and connection of accessories such as GPS receiver, RF transceiver etc.
• Powering options: internal battery, USB, external 6 – 12 Volts
• 4x AA cell for over 24 hrs operation.
• Standby mode for keeping accurate time code.
• Firmware updates by user, available through download.
Time Code Radio Link - TC-TRX
Timecode Transceiver

The Ambient Time Code Link is based around a high quality transceiver which can be configured to be either
Transmitter – LED lights up green
Receiver – LED lights up red.

The TRX Series is working with Amplitude Manipulation. This quite unbeknown radio technique offers a lot of advantages compared to common AM and FM Radio Links. The receiving range for instance is equal while the power consumption is only half of the power normally needed. Furthermore, the receiver module always outputs a perfect squarewave signal independent of the distance.
This way the Ambient works for more than 100 hours with only one battery load (2 AA).
There is a sliding switch inside the battery compartment to fast change the configuration.
The TRX is available with three different frequencies which are easily notified via a colour code at the antenna. (TC-TRXA (418 MHz) blue antenna, TC-TRXB (433 MHz) red antenna, TC-TRXC (315 MHz) green antenna).
Master Slate

With Clockit TC generator, a reader capable of low and high speed TC, camera strobe speed and TC diversion check, battery voltage read-out and a selectable offset of up to +/- 7 frames the ACD301 has built up a name of being a real “smart” slate. In the latest revision, MK III more features have been added to stand up for this reputation: Power consumption was optimized for the use of only 6 AA cells with improved lifetime. The 2 super bright LEDs can now externally be selected to flash either at second transition to mark frame “00” for Telecine or clapped frame. Also, the slate can display external TC and internally generated on clapping for improved playback operation with multiple cameras.

The RF version ACD301RF additionally features a built in UHF telemetry link and an external transceiver in a slim aluminium box for bi-directional wireless TC transmission. Burst and continuous transmission from the slate are a great aid for script and can be used to remotely trigger other equipment.