We only supply the latest model digital diversity Lectrosonics systems for location, outside broadcast, reality television, studio requirements etc.

SMQV bodypack transmitters
Lectrosonics WM watertight bodypack transmitters
• Lectrosonics SMDA bodypack transmitters
• Lectrosonics UM400A bodypack transmitters
(plugpack for wireless boom)
• Lectrosonics LMA bodypack transmitters
• Lectrosonics HM plug pack transmitters
• Lectrosonics HH-HHC handheld transmitters

Sanken COS11D & Lectrosonics M152 lavaliere mics available
Lectrosonics Lectrosonics

• Venue VRM / VRT rack-mount receivers
UCR411A (single receivers)
• SRA-5P receivers (camera links/hop)
• ALP650, ALP620, SNA600 high-gain antennae

IFBT4 studio / OB transmitters
• UM400A / SMQV portable IFB transmitters
IFBR1A receivers
• Headphones and in-ear monitoring
Wireless mics  
• EW 135P-G3 handheld systems
EW 112P-G3 bodypack systems
Sanken COS11D & Lectrosonics M152 lavaliere mics available
Production Recorders Production Mixers
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788T-SSD-CL8 (eight-twelve track recorder with CL-8 controller & CL-WiFi option)
788T (eight-twelve track recorder)
552 (two-channel field production)
• 702T (two-track)
552 five-channel over-shoulder
• 302 three-channel over-shoulder
MixPre-D two-channel over-shoulder
• Associated snake/loom cables

• Zoom H4n Portable Digital Recorder
(two-channel pocket-sized)
• Allen & Heath WZ3-14.4.2
Timecode Video
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ACL-204 Lockit camera synchroniser
ACC-501 Master Controller
ACD301-RF Timecode Slate
TC-TRX Timecode Transceiver
PIX-240 Production Recorder (with VER 3 Firmware)

RØDE NTG-3 hypercardioid condensor
• Electrovoice RE50-B omnidirectional dynamic
RØDE NT-4 stereo condensor

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Mic Support Mic Cables
• Neutrik connectors / Canare cable
• 1m to 30m in length
• Various adapters
• Snake/loom cables
• Custom cables on request

Audio Distribution & Monitoring Accessories