Neopax - Wireless Transmitter Belts & Pouches
NeoPax wireless transmitter belts were first developed in 2006 by US boom operator Mark Grech and seamstress Deborah Wallace, also the wife of another boom operator (Aaron Wallace). The intention was to design a belt that was thin & comfortable, able to attach anywhere along the length of the belt, with a non-sliding transmitter pouch, providing better insulation from transmitters that tend to heat up.
Approx. 43cm in length

Measuring approximately 63cm in length. This thigh belt is designed just for use under mini skirts or very short shorts. The pouch opens to the side and includes a small loop to secure the antenna to the belt. Available in the SM pouch size only.
Our new chest belts have been designed to secure RM-11 (and similar sized) microphone mounts to the chest when skin tape is not practical. The pouch has a small opening at the bottom to thread the microphone up through before placing it into the RM-11 and sliding it back down into the pouch.
Measuring approximately 100cm in length.
For larger performers, we also make a 150cm "Big-Boy" waist belt.

Belts in 3 pouch sizes to accommodate various transmitters models

Lectrosonics LM, UM100, 200c, 250c, 400a, 450
Zaxcom TRX-900aa & ZFR-100
Sony DWT B01
Audio Technica AEW-T1000A, T310b & T1801c
Sennheiser SK2000 & 100
Shure Body Packs (these will be a bit taller than the pouch)

Lectrosonics single battery SM & MM400c. 


Lectrosonics SMDa, SMQa & SMQv
Zaxcom TRX900 (LT & LTS), ZFR-200
Sennheiser 5212.


Belts come in black, white or 'nude', in the following lengths:
Ankle (43cm), Thigh (63cm), Waist (100cm) and Big-Boy (150cm)

From the people at Neopax Inc; 'Our goal is to continually provide sound technicians with the quickest, most comfortable and easy to use transmitter belts available today.  Our variety of belts will, of course, increase with time.  We encourage your comments and suggestions because we know that field experience helps build a better product'.