Sennheiser 8000 Series Windshield & Suspension Solutions
Three capsule types come supplied with an MZX 8000 XLR module. The MZX simply screws onto the capsule and allows it to be connected to a standard 3-pin XLR cable. The Rycote product for this solution is the WS 10 kit, which is also fitted with 2 x 19/25 mm lyres & CB 1 Connbox.
Mono Extended Ballgag
mono extended ballgag
  The Mono Extended Ballgag (MZL) is supplied with 19/22 mm Lyre front & 8.0 mm Lyre back, for attachment to the mic body & rubber part of the MZL rear. It also is supplied with a spare 19/22 mm Lyre, should the MZF 8000 be fitted, which will fit inside the Mono Extended Ballgag.
8000 Series Calculator  
8000 series calculator