Miniscreen™ Kit
Suitable for most camera-mounted shotgun microphones, the stylish Miniscreen™ and Miniscreen™ Windjammer™ provide a low profile slip-on windshielding, with excellent wind protection of up to 36 dB.
The Miniscreen™ is a rigid, blimp-style windshield that is slipped onto the front of the microphone. Made from a laminated combination of netting and fabric material, the Miniscreen™ provides a snug fit to the microphone and offers up to 18 dB wind-noise attenuation when used on its own.
modular suspension
Miniscreen™ Windjammer™

The Miniscreen™ Windjammer™ further attenuates wind-noise by an additional 18 dB when fitted on top of the Miniscreen, whilst maintaining a very discreet appearance. The Windjammer™ is manufactured from short black synthetic fur, with a silk liner.
All materials used are specifically engineered to achieve maximum wind-protection, with minimal high frequency loss you'd expect from a Rycote windshield.

5D miniscreen setup

Available on their own, the Miniscreen™ and Miniscreen™ Windjammer™ are also available as part of the Universal Camera Kit.