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MKH 8070 Long Shotgun Microphone
The MKH 8070 long shotgun microphone is ideal for broadcast and sporting applications requiring natural sound and high directivity to take viewers inside the action. The MKH 8070 captures true and natural sound at great distances with a pronounced lobar pattern and a long interference tube that suppresses off-axis sound without coloration. With its symmetrical RF condenser design, the MKH 8070 performs even under the toughest sonic and environmental conditions. The MKH 8070 is Sennheiser’s first long shotgun to interface directly into digital systems with the MZD 8000 digital module.
MKH 8070
• A modern-day incarnation of the venerable MKH 816 long shotgun. Highly directional with a pronounced lobar pickup pattern.
• Redesigned interference tube suppresses off-axis sounds without coloration, resulting in a pleasing, natural sound.
• Symmetrical RF condenser design yields superior immunity to moisture, incredible transient detail with low distortion.
• Modular design allows addition of a filter (MZF8000) or digital output module (MZD8000).
MKH 8070
Transducer principle RF condenser
Pick-up pattern lobar
Frequency response 45–20,000 Hz
Sensitivity -19 dBV/Pa (112 mV/Pa)
Max. sound pressure level 124 dB SPL
Phantom powering 48 ± 4 V (P48, IEC 61938)
Current consumption 3.3 mA
Nominal impedance 25 Ω
Min. terminating impedance 2KΩ
Equivalent noise level 8 dB(A) (DIN-IEC 651), 21 dB (CCIR 268-3)
Weight 10.6 oz. (11.7 oz. with XLR module)
Length 17 inches (18.3 in. with XLR module)
Diameter .75 inches (19 mm)
Operating temperature -14° F to 140° F (-10° C to 60° C)
UPC code 615104183728
EAN code 4044155053258
Part/Accessory Article No.
MHW 80-1 504737
Long hair wind muff (for use with MZW 80-1 blimp)
MZS 20-1 003609
Combination shockmount pistol grip and stand, pole adapter for MKH and K6 series, required for blimp
MZW 80-1 504738
Blimp windscreen for MKH 8070 (requires MZS 20-1 pistol grip)
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